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Tina Owner Dutzow Deli

Good food to share!  Back in 2002 when my husband and I were talking about opening a restaurant there was one driving force behind us.  My husband  and son were both excellent cooks so why not share that with people.  In the fall of 2002 we purchased a failing business in Dutzow Mo and decided to turn it around into something the community could be proud of.  We closed the business for several months and after some renovations along with lots of preparations we opened the doors to the Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in February of 2003.  We were welcomed with open arms into this small community even though we were from the city and really didn’t know much about country folk.  Through some trial and tribulations, we came to realize that our niche was in the Breakfast – Lunch market.  So today we cater to those types of customers.  My husband has since retired and has left the business in the hands of myself and our son Joe.  While I still have a primary job (at Emmaus Homes for the last 32 years) outside of the business you can still find me involved in the daily activities of the business.  You most likely will see me there on the weekends.  I hope when you are in the area you stop by, visit our little business, enjoy some of our homemade food and just enjoy our hospitality.


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