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    Fiesta Bold Jalapeno Poppers w/ ranch      $9.99

    Loaded Chili Cheese Fries     $11.29

         Fries topped with chili, cheese, tomato, onions, jalapenos & sour cream


    Bacon Avocado Fries               $7.99

           Fries topped with cheese, bacon bits, avocado & sour cream

    Potato Skins ~ with sour cream

       ½ order $4.89 / full order $6.99

    Fried Zucchini Sticks w/ Ranch      $5.49


​    Breaded Mushrooms w/ Ranch      $5.99


    Beer Battered Onion Rings      $5.99


    French Fires      $3.29


    Deli Sides      $2.49

      Potato Salad, Slaw, seasonal homemade items


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